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When Francois took his first steps in
Limpopo, South Africa’s bush, his mother says he held a piece of biltong almost as big as him! That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for
Limpopo Biltong!

All grown up as a farmer in Kent, Francois perfected his technique to become the biltong boss we know and love today. Always with an eye for selecting the best cuts of tender beef, pork and game.

Francois and the team have over 10
delicious flavours of biltong for you to try, along with droerwors and bites.  The best bit is, they’re great as an
ingredient added to recipes, or on their own as a delicious meaty treat. Yummy!

Limpopo Bitong never stops creating new and exciting flavours for you, our most excellent customers, keep an eye out for the best thing since sliced bread…hmmm, that gives me an idea… Biltong Bread!!!

Limpopo Butcher has been making delicious biltong, drywors, and boerewors since they opened in 2011. Using only the best quality meat and spices, and our philosophy that small scale production with love and care for what we are making, we have maintained an impeccable standard of quality.
Francois Van Der Zee moved to the United Kingdom 14 years ago, but never forgot the traditional biltong and boerewors recipes passed down to him by his father.
Growing up in the Limpopo Province we were always in the bushveld hunting, and making biltong with game, beef, etc. I fell in love with the bush and its bounty of delicious meat” says Francois Van Der Zee.

It has always been Francois’ dream to own a small family run butchery, Being in the UK, I have always wanted to share with the different local communities the delicious foods that is our South African heritage,” say Francois.
And Limpopo Butchers’ meat, both dried and fresh, has been a hit with South Africans, British, Australians, New Zealanders, and people from all over Europe. Nobody braais like a South African; any time of the year, any place, any weather. Their dedication has been a great support, and we will continue to provide them with all they need,” says Francois.
We believe in the five B’s: Biltong, Boerewors, Brandy, Beer, and Braai!

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